Gua Sha

Features of Gua Sha

Gua Sha is a holistic treatment that utilizes a strategic stroking motion to break up the stagnation of blood flow.  This technique is highly effective for relieving pain. Gua is the act of scraping or rubbing.  This rubbing motion causes Sha, a raised redness (petechiae) on the skin.  Before treatment a lubricating oil is applied to the area being treated.  A smooth-edged instrument is then used to stroke the skin.  This movement encourages the blood to flow more smoothly thus easing pain.  This rubbing action causes the blood in the subcutaneous tissue to raise. The red bump that results should fade in a few days. The tools for this purpose may be a ceramic Chinese soup spoon, water buffalo horn, or jade.  Gua Sha therapy is used to treat excessive (replete) conditions. It drains the stagnation to promote healing, and to reduce inflammation and pain.

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