Moxibustion is the application of heat on an acupuncture point.  The herb mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) is burned near an acupuncture point to regulate the physiological activity of the body.  Moxibustion is most commonly applied using a stick of mugwort which is held by the practitioner over an acu-point. Mugwort may be used in combination with other medicinal substances (such as garlic, ginseng or salt) to create a natural barrier between the burning mugwort and your skin. Mugwort can also be placed on the end of a needle and then inserted into the body.  This warms the needle while the needle is in the skin. Moxibustion produces a strong aroma which may bother some patients and should be used with caution when patients have respiratory problems. In our clinic we use liquid moxa technique in con-junction with a TDP heating lamp. Liquid moxa is applied to the affected area or acupuncture points chosen for stimulation similar to regular moxibustion.


Acupressure and Tui na is a therapeutic treatment that utilizes massage techniques, acupressure, manipulations and stretches to treat and prevent disease. Tui na differs from other forms of body work in that the goal is not to sedate and relax the patient. Tui na tends to be a more intense form of body work than others and some patients may feel sore after their first tui na treatment. Like acupuncture, tui na is based on the system of meridians in your body to restore your body Qi (energy) flow. Because tui na helps to restore the free flow of Qi and the natural balance of yin and yang, the whole body will feel relief.


Cupping is an ancient technique that helps draw toxins out of the body.  Cupping activates the stagnated systems consequently reducing the effects of disease and pain.

During a typical cupping treatment, small glass cups and an open flame are used to create a vacuum effect on the skin.  This opens the skin pores, which allows toxins to be released as Qi is encouraged to move throughout the body. The vacuum effect is also created with vacuum cupping set in which an open flame is not used.

Cupping is a safe treatment but can cause mild swelling and bruising on the skin.  The vacuum effect draws the skin up causing the skin to expand.  These bruises are typically painless and will disappear within a few days. In our clinic we use both traditional open flame cupping and vacuum cupping.


Gua Sha is a holistic treatment that utilizes a strategic stroking motion to break up the stagnation of blood flow.  This technique is highly effective for relieving pain.

Gua is the act of scraping or rubbing.  This rubbing motion causes Sha, a raised redness (petechiae) on the skin.  Before treatment a lubricating oil is applied to the area being treated.  A smooth-edged instrument is then used to stroke the skin.  This movement encourages the blood to flow more smoothly thus easing pain.  This rubbing action causes the blood in the subcutaneous tissue to raise. The red bump that results should fade in a few days.

This modality of Traditional Chinese Medicine stimulates the immune system, regulates organ function and rebalances the body.  Gua Sha is a relaxing treatment which rejuvenates the patient’s mind and body.